Foundations for Kids New Testament: A 260- Day Bible Reading Plan for Kids by Robby Gallaty
*Week 8 begins on Monday, March 23rd
- We will continue moving forward in our Foundations Bible Study at home through this time even though we can’t currently meet together on Wednesday nights.
 - You don’t have to be a part of our current Wednesday night group to participate.  
 - The first two weeks of Bible Studies will be posted for you, but please order the book for your children if you don’t have it. Here is an Amazon link to the book.

Memory Verse for Week 8:  Psalm 16:11
Ideas for memorizing:
1) Use index cards.  Write one word or a small phrase on each card.  Have a parent hide the cards around the house for the children to find.  Once all of the cards have been found, have the child put the words or phrases together in the correct order.
2) Write the verse on a large sheet of paper.  Cut the paper into puzzle pieces and practice putting it back together.
3) Write the first letter of each word in the verse in order on a sheet of paper. Have the children use those hints to fill in the words of the Bible verse.
4) Have your family sit in a circle.  Pick a parent to start by saying the first word of the Bible verse.  Go around the circle having each member of the family recite the next word in the verse until you have recited the entire verse.
Any family that posts a video on the Kids Creek Facebook page of their children reciting Psalm 16:11 by next Sunday will be able to stop by the outdoor breezeway by the church office to pick up a prize on that day.  We would also love for you to post pictures of your family doing Foundations or our Sunday Lifeway Kids at Home as an encouragement for other families to participate.  If you have ideas for family discipleship during this time, please share them with our group!
Week 8 Day 1: Acts 12:6-11
King Herod put Peter in jail and planned to kill him because he was preaching about salvation in Jesus.  God sent an angel to rescue Peter from prison.  Peter’s friends gathered together to pray for him, and when Peter came to the door where they were praying, they were shocked.  God rescued Peter because his work for God wasn’t finished yet.
- No one can stop God’s plan to share the Good News of Jesus: not laws, not the devil, not a king, and not the president, and not the coronavirus.
Pray:  Thank you Jesus that you and your good news can’t be stopped by anyone or anything!
Week 8 Day 2: Acts 13:1-3
The church in Antioch wanted everyone to hear the good news about Jesus, so they sent men out to tell others the good news.  Barnabas and Saul (also called Paul) were two of the men who were sent out.  Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples when He gave the Great Commission. The disciples taught others how to obey the Great Commission and tell others about Jesus.
- We should do whatever we can to help people everywhere hear about Jesus.  How can we share the good news of Jesus with our friends and family while we are home?
Pray:  God, help me tell others about You!
Week 8 Day 3: Acts 14:21-22
Paul endured suffering and persecution for preaching about Jesus, but he continued to tell others the good news.  The apostles continued going from town to town, telling people about Jesus as they went.  They encouraged believers to stay strong, even though there would be struggles in their lives.  The apostles were made to leave towns and people even tried to kill them, but that did not stop them from telling people about Jesus everywhere they went.  They also encouraged believers to be strong in their faith through difficult times.
- How can we love Jesus when times are hard?  How can we encourage others to love Jesus when times are hard?
Pray:  Jesus, help me to love You and encourage others to love You when things are hard.
Week 8 Day 4: James 1:2-3
James, Jesus’ younger brother, wrote to the believers in Jerusalem about how to live.  He told the believers to be joyful and continue to live in faith even in hard circumstances.  James told the church that Christians will go through difficult times, but God gives wisdom and strength to believers.  James gave lots of instructions about how to live as a follower of Jesus.  James knew that believers would face hard times, and should be joyful and steadfast because it would help increase their faith.
- When we follow God, He gives us wisdom and strength so we can keep going when things are hard.  What are some hard times you have faced?  Was it hard to be joyful during those times?
Pray:  Heavenly Father, thank You for giving me strength to follow You, even when things are hard.
Week 8 Day 5: James 2:14-17
James wrote to believers about how to live.  He taught that Christians must not only believe in Jesus, but follow his commands as well.  James said belief and trust in Jesus should lead to acts of obedience.  Christians can follow God’s commands with the help of the Holy Spirit.  James wrote a lot about faith.  He wanted disciples of Jesus to understand that faith is just the beginning of following God.  
- When believers have true faith, obedience will always follow.  Trust in Jesus always leads to actions of joyful obedience.  We must follow God’s plan and trust in Him as He helps us obey Him.  What is one way that God wants you to obey Him?  Is it always easy to obey quickly and joyfully?
Pray: Jesus, help me to have faith in You and show it by my actions.